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27500days of experience

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KADEGE offers a wide array of products to meet your specific requirements. We will happily calculate indicative prices based on your specifications and will identify the right counterparties for you.

Be it for the short-term money market or the long-term capital market, together we will find the solution that matches your needs.

Capital market

Money market

Foreign exchange


KADEGE: We have been acting as an independent capital market partner for almost 50 years, brokering business with call money and time deposits, Schuldschein loans, covered and unsecured instruments, and securities.

  • Integrity and trust founded on approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  • Flexibility when it comes to processing your enquiries
  • Professional business operations
  • Discretion regarding your orders
  • Expertise provided by our reliable employees

In close contact with many companies and institutions.

  • 500 banks
  • 2200 municipalities and municipal corporations
  • 300 industrial enterprises
  • 200 foundations and investment funds
  • 300 insurance companies and pension funds

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